Corpus | motion
Festival Bains numériques, Enghien-les-bains
Corpus | motion

Corpus | motion weaves a link between live performance and video performance by borrowing forms of writing specific to each of them.

The project is based on the preparatory filming of a performance carried out by two dancers. It highlights the tensions specific to the male/female relationship, shifting from simple play to the expression of explicit violence.

The device then offers a spatial and temporal rereading of this raw moment through two installations:

  • A museographic device composed of eight fragments projected in interaction with the public.
  • A stage show during which two performers manipulate a projection on a transparent support. They reframe, diffract, stretch and deconstruct the initial capture, opening to another view of its nature.
Festival Bains numériques, Enghien-les-bains

Design and production of the performance at the Bains Numériques Festival, international competition, Enghien-les-bains, France, as part of the ITR research program, EnsadLab, Paris

Project manager: Patrice Mugnier
ITR team: Amaury Arboun, Camille Baudelaire, Kuei Yu Ho, Raphaël Isdant
Dancers: Audrey Roehrich, Fabio Arago
Performers: Audrey Roehrich, Anthony Couroyer
Production: Ensadlab

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