Compagnie Le Clair Obscur







For the #DRIFT project, Active Creative Design collaborated with the company Le Clair Obscur to create the immersive decor for the show. It tells the story of the long journey of a ship to the edge of our galaxy towards the Trappist planetary system. The studio was enthusiastically involved in this creation mixing live theater and immersive dome projection by designing and producing its multimedia content. A long sequence shot of 45 minutes takes the viewer light years away from our solar system, dialoguing throughout the story with the physical presence of Jana, captain of a ship playing with the laws of general relativity.

With #DRIFT, the viewer finds himself immersed in the incredible beauty of our physical universe. The visual creation for the project lies at the crossroads of two areas, both scenographic decor behind the character of Jana, but also a driving force behind the action in the major exploration sequences.

The creation required establishing a permanent dialogue between the studio, the screenwriter Norbert Merjagnan and the director Frédéric Deslias in order to define the place of the projection within the general system. The visual spectacle alternates highlights and contemplative moments, moving from photorealistic 3D renderings to more abstract graphic renderings.

Compagnie Le Clair Obscur

Immersive video creation on dome

Art, animation
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